House Paints



We carry a wide range of residential and commercial products both interior and exterior that are specifically formulated to meet all your substrate and market requirements. At McCown Paint and Supply we feel it is the person behind the paint. Our associates will help you find the right paint for the right job. Paint is a lot more than just color. Our associates will ask the right questions to get your project started. We know that each project has a specific product.

Our products are the best on the market. We know this because they have gone through extensive chemical and field testing so that the customer gets the best quality product available. We have more options in  house paints, interior and exteriors, than most stores. For instance we sell the entire PPG and Benjamin Moore lines of paints, both interior and exteriors. For your exterior we have products for your decks, floors, siding and metal roofs. On the interior we have, both water and oil based for trim, and sell paints from anything from your floors to your ceilings. We also have paint samples in Benjamin Moore and PPG. We know how expensive paint is today and for that reason we offer paint samples so you do not have to break the bank to find the perfect color for you project.

The Right Price

Paint pricing can vary substantially. Usually with paint, you get what you pay for. When an individual applies a coat of paint all they see is color, but what are you really paying for. Paint consists of a vehicle, a binder, and a pigment. Water can be the vehicle, Elmer’s glue could be the binder, and flour could be the pigment. Would you want to paint your house with that? At McCown we sell top quality products to ensure you get the results you desire. Even our lower end paints are of the best quality for their price range. You will not get any flour and water at McCown Paint and Supply.


With brands like Pittsburgh Paints, Benjamin Moore, Old Masters, and many more, “We’ve got you covered” from super premium, premium, professional, to cost conscious paints. We have the products to fit your needs.

At McCown Paint and Supply we pride ourselves on matching color right the first time. When you leave our store the color in your can will be the right match for your project. Check out Pittsburgh Paint’s paint color visualizer to get your color right the first time.