Tips for Staining Your Deck

tips for staining a deckSince the winter months aren’t the best time to apply exterior paints, you can still spruce up your outside living space by getting your deck in shape for the holidays. We can get away with staining our decks here in Southeast Texas as we head into winter, because we generally have warm enough temperatures to allow a good, long-wearing stain application.

As long as it’s at least 50 degrees outside, you should be okay to stain your deck. Now is the time to refresh your deck before holiday company arrives!

What You Need to Stain Your Deck:

  • Broom
  • Pressure Washer
  • Exterior Wood Stain
  • Paint Pad

Steps for Staining Your Deck:

Here’s the process for staining your deck in a just three short steps.

1. Sweep & Pressure Wash

Sweep and pressure wash your deck to remove dirt and debris. Be careful when pressure washing to not damage your the wood.

2. Let Your Deck Dry

Allow your deck to completely dry. If not, the stain won’t hold to the wood, which causes cracking and peeling.

3. Apply the Stain

Apply the wood stain to your deck with the paint pad.

Tips for Staining Your Deck

  • Always check the label of your wood stain to ensure that it doesn’t require a specific method of application. Every product is different.
  • Stain trim, railings, and tight spaces first.
  • Avoid using paint rollers to apply stain, as they don’t apply as smoothly as a paint pad.

Sun Proof® Solid Color Latex Stain

SUN-PROOF_Deck_Fence_Siding_Solid_Color_Latex_StainMcCown Paint and Supply highly recommends Sun Proof® Solid Color Latex Stain by PPG Pittsburgh Paints®.

This 100% acrylic, urethane modified formula provides two-coat tannin blocking in a rich, opaque color that hides wood grain while allowing the wood’s texture to show through.

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