Floor Coatings


When it comes to floor coatings, whether for protection, non-skid, aesthetics or all of the above, at McCown Paint and Supply “We’ve got You Covered”.

For commercial  and residential areas we carry a wide ranges of products for concrete and wood. Concrete stains topped with the compatible clear coat will give lasting beauty to your home, office or storefront. Our exterior deck and siding stains and paints will give new life to that worn deck or old front porch.

Non-Skid Applications

For your non-skid applications we can supply you with the products and expertise to handle just about any situation, from concrete and steel to wood. We have a lot of offerings, so send us an email or give us a call.

Corrosive Environments

For corrosive environments we have heavy duty epoxies and specialty coatings to cover just about any need. Products like self leveling epoxies, concrete resurfacers and high builds will get the jog done for you.