Our industrial product offering  otherwise known as High Performance Coatings at McCown Paint and Supply is unsurpassed by any independent paint dealer in our market area. Most places would probably offer you an oil-based single component paint for any farm implementations, piping, sandblasted metal or any metal applications. At McCown Paint we those products also, but we can also offer you other options that may cost a little more and last up to 5 times longer.

We offer Ameron, PPG, Sigma, Pitt-Guard Direct to Rust, High-Temp, and Permanent Coatings along with many other brands. It can be put to use in some of the most radical spots you can think of: oil rigs, smoke stacks, plants, marine use, high temp surfaces, and submersible surfaces. We carry high quality paint for any of your industrial painting needs.

Epoxies, urethanes, coal tar and zincs are the norm for us.  If you have a corrosive environment for concrete, ferrous or non-ferrous metals we have a solution for your problem. All of our industrial products are well below the required VOC laws and well below are competitors VOC’s. We strive for all products to be eco-friendly for a more green and clean world.