Protect Your Home with Sun Proof from Pittsburgh Paints

protect your home with sun proofSummer is here and the Texas sun can cause drastic fading over time. To fix this problem, Pittsburgh Paints has produced a new line of exterior semi-transparent and semi-opaque stains that are specifically designed to protect your home from the damaging rays of the sun. Find out more about the Pittsburgh Paints Sun Proof Exterior Products and which is right for you.

Stains – Oil & Latex

Let’s talk stain. With Pittsburgh Products there are many stain options to choose from. In order to determine which is right for you, let’s break down the different types to help you decide.sun proof paints

  • Solid Color Alkyd/Oil/Acrylic Stain – provides rich, opaque color that hides the wood grain while allowing the wood’s texture to show through. Includes Sun-Proof U.V. protection and not used on horizontal surfaces.
  • Semi-Transparent Alkyd/Acrylic/Oil Stain – Adds subtle color while allowing wood’s natural grain and texture to show through. Includes Sun-Proof U.V. protection, no waxes and available in 43 popular shades.
  • Semi-Opaque Alkyd/Oil/Acrylic Stain – A unique finish that bridges the gap between full solid color coverage and semi-transparents. The Acrylic/Oil stain has a unique penetrating acrylic/oil resin and can be applied in temperatures down to 35 degrees Farenheit.
  • Solid Color Latex Stain – With as many options are the Alkyd/Oil stain, this Latex stain has one-coat coverage directly to the wood and self-priming. Ideally, it’s used for decks, fences, siding and outdoor furniture.

Toners and Cleaners

Toners add a hint of natural color to wood’s grain and allow texture to show through beautifully; clears provide a crystal clear finish to protect the natural beauty of wood. From Acrylic/Oil to Alkyd/Oil sealants, the results are beautiful and sustaining.

sun proofAdditional Products

  • Semi-Transparent Composite Deck Stain – Restores the look of faded composite decking and railings.
  • Solid Color Composite Deck Stain – Provides a complete color change to give your composite deck a whole new look.
  • Exotic Hardwood Oil – Maintains and rejuvenates the natural beauty of hardwoods.


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