What are some signs my house may need a fresh coat of paint?

Fading and Blistering: Fading happens over time, sometimes it’s not noticeable to the human eye until you go to make repairs and you notice the color you originally chose for your home is not the color you have now. This process of change happens on many exterior projects.

Chalking: Chalking is similar to fading, but it’s the actual process of UV rays breaking down the top coat of a product. If not properly prepared the new paint or top coat will not adhere.

Peeling: Over time poorly prepared surfaces can get grit, grime or water behind the coating and over time it causes the product to let go in a form of peeling. If not treated properly the problem will magnify over time. Some places this can happen is with the exterior of your house, doors, and fences.

The Sun affects all paint coatings. Most of our coatings have UV inhibitors, but all coatings will fade with time. Darker colors are usually affected quicker than lighter colors.