Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes! We offer a variety of environmentally friendly products. We offer a PPG product, Pure Performance, that has zero VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). PPG also has several products in their contractor line that are "Green-Friendly" (6-411, 6-500). … [Read more...]

What type of color matching services do you provide?

When you leave our store, the color in your can will be the right match for your project. At McCown Paint and Supply, we pride ourselves on matching color right the first time. We can also color match automotive paints. We use a portable … [Read more...]

Are your paint products affordable?

These days, paint prices vary substantially, and you get what you pay for. But, how do you know exactly what you are paying for? Paint consists of a vehicle, a binder, and a pigment. For instance, water could be the vehicle, Elmer’s glue could be … [Read more...]

What options do you have for paint samples?

At McCown Paint and Supply, we have Ben Moore and PPG paint samples. We know how expensive paint is today, which is why we have paint samples available for purchase so you do not have to break the bank to find the perfect color for your project. If … [Read more...]

What are some signs my house may need a fresh coat of paint?

Fading and Blistering: Fading happens over time, sometimes it’s not noticeable to the human eye until you go to make repairs and you notice the color you originally chose for your home is not the color you have now. This process of change happens on … [Read more...]

Do you have products that I can use to reface my cabinets or refurbish an old bookcase?

Yes, we have a wide variety of options. Furniture can be stripped or sanded down to bare wood. Furniture can be glazed, stained, painted, distressed, or re-cleared. It really depends on what the customer is looking for. We sell paint and varnish … [Read more...]

What safety features do your products offer?

Non-skid coating: Our products aid in safety by adding a non-skid coating to otherwise slippery surfaces. Color coding: By color coding different applications, you can designate hazardous areas and hazardous materials. We also sell safety … [Read more...]

Do your associates offer advice in customer projects?

Yes. With over 150 years of experience, our staff is very knowledgeable. Our associates are trained to offer project-specific advice for each of our customer's individual applications. Our associates also provide our customer's with helpful tips to … [Read more...]